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  • high-speed documents scanner



    i. dual cameras; primary camera: 500w, secondary camera: 200w;

    ii. led three fill-in light control;

    iii. safe and reliable identification of identity cards;

    iv. with the ability to scan and save all kinds of paper documents

    to a computer, and the advantage of fast shooting speed;

    v. photograph the human face, and identify and match it;

    vi. adopt usb port power supply and communication;

    vii. support the card activation over the air.

  • desktop id card reader



  • desktop id card reader- portable



    i. small size and beautiful appearance;

    ii. in line with the ga450 and ga450 standards of the

    ministry of public security;

    iii. a professional portable device, with one-key

    startup and shutdown;

    iv. read the card information at any angle within

    the tapping area; safe and reliable;

    v. support seamless integration of operator-level controls;

    vi. remind of "work and read your card successfully";

    vii. correctly identify the authenticity of identity cards;

    viii. adopt built-in battery power supply or usb port

    power supply and communication;

    ix. show the work status;

    x. support fingerprint identification verification: read

    the fingerprint information on the id card, upload the

    information to the

    fingerprint instrument, collect the fingerprint information

    and compare it with the fingerprint instrument, and check

    the fingerprint


    xi. provide sdk package for system integration, and

    complete id

    card identification through connecting smart phone, panel


    computer and other mobile terminals via bluetooth;

    xii. support the card activation over the air.


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